Secret Beach

Secret Beach at KoOlina Resort my favorite Oahu beach photo session location

Secret Beach

I have been taking my clients to Secret Beach for photoshoots since 1992. We would access the beach via an old dirt road across the electric power plant. I share the beach location with a Hawaiian fisherman who would catch fish with a throw net. Once in a while, a seal would come to shore.

Long before the KoOlina Resort was Developed, back in the film photography days, I would take my film into the photo lab to be processed, and other photographers would ask where the location was. Later it became known as Secret Beach. Still, I would not share it with anyone.

In a way, it was my beach, and for two years, I would only offer photo sessions there. I would photograph Couples, Families, and Models, which was awesome.

When the KoOlina Resort opened, the management tried to prevent the old Hawaiian fisherman and me from accessing Secret beach.

I contacted the City Council and notified the KoOlina Resort that they must allow access.

Today Secret Beach is a prevalent location.

It is no longer a secret.

Secret Beach Closed due to the Hawaiian Monk Seal

The Hawaiian Monk Seal frequents Secret Beach. A portion of the beach closed off when the seals were present.

Secret Beach Closed due to the Hawaiian Monk Seal

Secret Beach has always been my favorite Oahu photo session location.

Most of my clients prefer a sunset photo session. Sunset Sessions are limited because they tend to be the first to get booked.

Early morning is the Best and my favorite time for a photo shoot at Secret Beach.

Fewer people, cooler temperatures, and shade make perfect photo session conditions.

My Clients who choose an early morning session are happy with their decision.

At Sunset time, the beach can have up to twelve photographers having photo sessions simultaneously. If one or two Hawaiian Monk Seals are present, the beach becomes much smaller, and the possibility of exploring the location becomes more challenging.

I offer Sunset photo sessions at Secret Beach, but I prefer to drive to a more open and less congested location for the Best Client Experience.

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